-- wanderer

echo | sed 's/\./@/'


E860 AB3C D007 8D30 E86C  DA74 7B28 D8DC 28BD 2388

the corresponding pubkey: 0x28bd2388
plain key file: 0x28bd2388.asc
openpgp key server link: 0x28bd2388

-- 2EEEB

echo andrej.pillar, | sed 's/\,/@/'


4413 88B1 4509 04C0 E435 6F16 AA07 F3B7 1F41 8FEE

the pubkey can be found in a key repo

communication using gpg is preferable



Access logs are stored for up to 30 days for the purpose of defending against abuse.

the long version

Since I don’t like such practices myself, this site does not collect any kind of user/browser/device/user agent/network identifier, which - for simplicity’s sake is - no data at all - FOR PROFIT.

No personally identifiable data is collected - actively or passively - and therefore can’t be passed on to third parties (such as advertisement companies), nor is there any intention of ever doing so.

Visitor device’s apparent IP address is stored in access log, along with a user agent string, which allows us to defend against abuse.
These logs are automatically overwriten approximately every 30 days.

Long live the libre world!

Feel at home.