onions 🧅

Note: This is a work in progress - more services are to come

Note 2: the http part of the links below is misleading, as (our) onion services are in fact fully encrypted every step of the way using https, only the certs are not signed by a conventional CA (certificate authority), which means conventional browsers (including Firefox-based TorBrowser) would cry if the sites were served with explicit https prefix.
this decreases the security by exactly zero and unless LetsEncrypt starts issuing certs for .onion domains, we’re not going to see broad usage of explicit https prefix on onion services, since only the likes of NY Times, BBC, Twitter or Facebook are going to make their CAs to sign them a neat little .onion cert.

Gitea: http://2crftbzxbcoqolvzreaaeyrod5qwycayef55gxgzgfcpqlaxrnh3kkqd.onion
this site: http://6426tqrh4y5uobmo5y2csaip3m3avmjegd2kpa24sadekpxglbm34aqd.onion
prometheus: http://vognfwm7c6wq2gxqcmswi2flwckuxryefd7n3axxkvlpasdjhns5buqd.onion
grafana: http://6t3ydf7sl7iso2wbymbfjtaq6qqlrms37ffik2siulsljc3ubobklnid.onion
statuspage: http://o4irro4dspyuytbw2b2g2ac4ukkh2ex53oolhzw7hrfjmq6tiklrtwqd.onion

current progress on onion drone


Making DroneCI available as a hidden service would require either a) spinning up another instance, for which we currently don’t have capacities, or b) some kind of an evil hack that we’ve not yet discovered.
We’re open to ideas - if you know how to make this work, please, send us a patch, PR or an email with anything interesting and worthwile.

set-up-but-not-properly-working drone: http://c3vqfx2dqltvdbsqu3ndqwcxsp3uk3vcxo2jsigie5zfajub3j3y35id.onion


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