why are you doing this?

There are many publicly available open resolvers using DoT, DoH or DNSCrypt to secure the traffic. However, we have still felt the need to run our own, especially since it’s such a critical part of the infrastructure. Since now it’s a reality, we’re offering it for public use.

so what is it?

What we’re running is a non-censoring, non-logging, DNSSEC-capable, DNSCrypt-enabled DNS resolver using dnscrypt-server-docker project. Our resolver is available over both IPv4 and IPv6.

can I haz some plz

Since the name servers are not (yet) a part of any listing of public resolvers, entries have to be added manually.

Paste one or both of the following entries in the [static] section of your dnscrypt-proxy.toml configuration file.

IPv4 (

[static. 'dnscrypt.dotya.ml-ipv4']
  stamp = 'sdns://AQcAAAAAAAAAETE0NC45MS43MC42Mjo1NDQzIHF-JiN46cNwFXJleEVWGWgrhe2QeysUtZoo9HwzYCMzITIuZG5zY3J5cHQtY2VydC5kbnNjcnlwdC5kb3R5YS5tbA'

IPv6 (2a02:c207:2030:396::1)

[static. 'dnscrypt.dotya.ml-ipv6']
  stamp = 'sdns://AQcAAAAAAAAAHFsyYTAyOmMyMDc6MjAzMDozOTY6OjFdOjU0NDMgcX4mI3jpw3AVcmV4RVYZaCuF7ZB7KxS1mij0fDNgIzMhMi5kbnNjcnlwdC1jZXJ0LmRuc2NyeXB0LmRvdHlhLm1s'


Files used to set up and run this service can be found here:
https://git.dotya.ml/dotya.ml/dnscrypt-server. It’s a docker-compose setup managed with systemd, similar to how Drone CI is handled.